Application virtualisation stores applications in self-contained packages that can be accessed from a a shared location. This eliminates the need to install applications on individual work stations.

Traditionally, all business applications would be installed on individual desktop computers across the organisation. In large businesses with many staff and as many desktops, the normal practice is to create a gold — or standard — image that is copied onto each physical desktop.

Application virtualisation removes the need to create the gold image. This eliminates the need to install applications to individual work stations. With application virtualisation, all the applications are captured into a centralised package and “streamed” to individual desktop machines on demand.

Administrators  upgrade applications across your entire business in less time and more efficiently than normal as it only requires the shared package “package” to be upgraded.

By reducing the time required to manage application upgrades and deployments, you can reduce your IT engineering, management and delivery overheads and increase opportunities for innovation.

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