Established in 2002, Red Armour is a technical consultancy specialising in design and implementation of IT infrastructure and Cloud based solutions.  Designs include Greenfield solutions to optimizing and improving mature IT infrastructure.

As a Red Armour customer, you will benefit from our experience in IT system analysis, design and deployment.  Red Armour adopts a highly pragmatic approach to solving business problems and as a result we judge our success by the positive change we achieve for our customers. These customers span all major market sectors and range from large, multinational business operations to SME-sized organisations.

Red Armour consultants have a strong business and IT understanding coupled with excellent technical skills.  Our understanding and early identification of potential problems stems from our in-depth knowledge from experience and the exceptional relations we rapidly form with both internal and external clients.

Red Armour’s core proposition is to provide customers with the ability to build a stable and scalable base environment that will support both agility and growth.  Through this we aim to help organisations improve efficiency and responsiveness, whilst reducing overall cost.

Red Armour remains privately owned to this day and the founding Directors are actively involved in the daily operations of the business.  We believe that the key to our continued success is to concentrate our efforts on quality.  To this end, we pride ourselves in only providing consultancy of the highest level.

Our Services

  • Cloud
  • Colocation
  • Bring your own

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Server Based Computing
  • Application Virtualisation

Our Mission

“We aim to be the preferred choice for technology consultancy. Red Armour provide innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Red Armour
Red Armour