Red Armour’s core proposition is to provide customers with the ability to build a stable and scalable base environment that will support both agility and growth.  Through this we aim to help organisations improve efficiency and responsiveness, whilst reducing overall cost.  Red Armour’s strategic infrastructure solutions are based on best-of-breed technologies that, as a minimum, aim to achieve the following high-level benefits for customers:

  • Reduce total cost of system ownership
  • Increase productivity for core delivery and support staff
  • Achieve greater return on IT investments
  • Risk mitigation
  • Greater degrees of adaptability to change

We offer high quality pre and post sales technical services including design, implementation and upgrade services. These include but are not limited to health checks, configuration and performance audits and troubleshooting.

Professional Service

To simplify the ever evolving array of technologies, Red Armour has created a suite of Professional Service offerings together with a tiered platform environment that enables the grouping of challenges and technologies into the following easily digestible areas

Infrastructure Platform

  • Storage Design for tiered storage, application optimisation and virtualisation
  • Consolidation in the form of host (virtualisation) and footprint (blade technologies)
  • Disaster Recovery for either local or site fail-over
  • Infrastructure Analysis for in-depth understanding of server performance
  • Desktop virtualisation design and implementation

Data Platform

  • Backup for File, Database, Email and Directory recovery
  • Data Lifecycle Management to ensure business critical data is always accessible
  • Business Continuity for recovery in the event of data loss or corruption
  • Data Resource Management for maximising assets and central data availability
  • Data Analysis for a granular understanding of the current data estate

Application Platform

  • Application Delivery is the access to the application irrelevant of location or device
  • Application Security is to ensure only the correct people can access the right data
  • Application Optimisation is the best application experience irrelevant of user location
  • Penetration Testing for a pro-active stance towards business security
  • Application Virtualisation design and implementation